More than 3 million Afghans have no access to health services

(Last Updated On: July 20, 2016)


An estimated three million Afghan people have no access or insufficient access to health services, the minister of public health said.

According to the findings of the Ministry of Public Health, the health status of women and children in Afghanistan is improving and communicable diseases are also on the decline.

But the findings also indicate that more than five provinces of Afghanistan have the lowest access to health services.

However, the ministry of public health claims to have health programs for Afghans to have full access to health services.

“We have taken serious measures to create 379 centers all across the country up to the next six months,” said Firuzuddin Firuz, minister of public health.

Despite facing serious accusations for involving in corruption, the minister of health ignores them and stresses on introducing a large number of the ministry’s employees who involve in corruption to general attorney.

“We have submit more than 64 cases of those who involve in corruption in the ministry of health,” Firuz added.

Afghanistan today suffers from one of the worst health crises in the world. Years of war and civil strife have left behind enormous poverty, a crumbling infrastructure, and a widespread landmine crisis.

The country is among leading nations on every global index of suffering. Life expectancy at birth is estimated at around 46 years, and one out of four children die before their fifth birthday.

The tragedy of the health emergency is that the most pervasive problems in Afghanistan have largely been controlled in other countries: chronic malnutrition and preventable diseases like diarrhea, respiratory infections, and measles.

On top of these basic health threats Afghanistan is also saddled with an extensive network of landmines that kill or maim more civilians than in any other country.

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