MoPH Signs €15 Million Hospital Construction Contract with GDB

(Last Updated On: November 20, 2016)

1Officials in Afghanistan Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) and German Development Bank (GDB) have signed the construction contract of a Hospital costs € 15 million on Saturday in Kabul.

Members at German Development Bank stated the Hospital will have 120 beds and provides health services for Obstetric gynecology and children health for Mazar residents and the construction of the Hospital is going to be ended by 2018.

Minister of Public Health Ferozudin Feruz said, “We are signing the construction contract of a Hospital costing € 15 million for Mazar residents with German Development Bank today.”

Insisting on huge plans to be implemented Minister of Public Health Ferozudin Feruz said, “We have signed 12 development projects which include the current Hospital in the past 2 weeks, and new more plans are underway to improve the infrastructure of health in Afghanistan.”

Meanwhile German Development Bank representative Hospital construction will end in 19 months.

German Development Bank Representative said Heino L , “The consultation group and Ministry of Public Health of Afghanistan worked together to reach to the final step of signing the contract, it took almost 1 years and works weren’t visible, but now we have big success, in the beginning of October we had the permission of Excellency President Ashraf Ghani and today we have big date signing the contract, the next step is the start of the project which will take 19 months to be built.”

Earlier Officials in Ministry of Public Health inaugurated Hospital treating polio in order to prevent paralysis of children in Afghanistan.

Reported by: Ali Asghari

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