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MoPH praised medical team involved in Kunduz war

(Last Updated On: October 25, 2015)


Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) appreciated doctors who have provided health services during the war in northern Kunduz province of Afghanistan.

Afghan health minister says threats to the health workers in the provinces, lack of professional and diagnostic medical equipments, and lack of financial budget are the most common challenges to the doctors in Afghanistan.

“In a lot of places despite our doctors are providing services to the people with their white coats, but they are still under threats. For example in Parwan, Kabul and other provinces, instead of appreciations, legal and illegal armed persons are threatening and even beating our doctors,” Ferozuddin Feroz MoPH said.

“Regional staffs that travel to provinces to provide health services are being threatened,” Dr. Richard Peeperkorn, World Health Organization (WHO) representative in Afghanistan said.

At the same time, Ahmad Zia Massoud the Special Envoy of the President for Reforms and Good Governance Affairs who was speaking at the session said,” our calculations show that only four doctors are available for ten thousand people in Afghanistan which is not sufficient”.

These statements come as Afghan officials have recently announced that annually Afghans spent about $1,200 million for treatment out of Afghanistan, especially in India and Pakistan countries.

Reported by: Marofa Zaki

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