MoPH committed to eradicate polio in Afghanistan

(Last Updated On: June 24, 2016)


Officials in Ministry of Public Health MoPH have stated that we are committed to eradicate polio from Afghanistan, the following statement was made in gathering at Washington DC of United States on Thursday.

Minister of Public health Feruzdin Feruz said,” since six cases of the polio has been recorded in different parts of Afghanistan, we are committed to eradicate polio from Afghanistan by the cooperation of the United States of America.”

Further on his speech he has declared different factors which are barrier to his duty eradicating the polio disease Nationwide in Afghanistan, insecurity, no accessing health care services, none standard health care services.

He also said,” despite of working on the health care sector, I have began working on social programs which promotes the Knowledge of the Mullahs and religious leaders to provide clear message out of the polio vaccination, because most of the residents living in remote areas are in believe that the following vaccination is contrary to Islam religion.”

Minister of Public health Feruzdin Feruz said,” Afghanistan public health sector is definitely depended to International community aids, we still have long way to go ahead.”

Meanwhile Head of the Afghan doctors in US Shinwari said,” We have done our 30 percent of our work we will need to accomplished the second part 70 percent.”

Deputy Manager of the USAID for Pakistan- Afghanistan Mr. Larry S. said,” We are committed to provide aids for the Afghanistan health sector, and it’s one of the strategic object of the USA for Afghanistan to help and assist the following Government on health care sector.”

Reported by Nazira Azim Karimi Washington Dc

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