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Money exchangers criticize Gov’t for not pursuing kidnapping cases

(Last Updated On: August 1, 2016)


Scores of money changers at Sarai Shahzada in Kabul city have criticized the Government for not pursuing those money dealers whom were kidnapped in the past, they have closed their shops by holding demonstration on Monday.

They have stated that in recent kidnapping case one of the money dealers was abducted on the way to Kabul- Jalalabad at Surubi area by the district police body guards, and was released after they received big money.

Related to the case the police district has rejected the claims of kidnapping saying police had nothing to do with it.

Sarai Shahzada which is the center for exchanging money in the capital city of Kabul was closed due to increasing of the kidnapping cases in the past several months.

One of the members of the money changer union said,” one of our member was kidnapped in Surubi area, and then he was set free after the kidnappers received $ 1 million and 5 million Pakistani rupees, though one of the suspected person was arrested related to the case but there are some efforts underway to release from the prison.”

“ They have looted all our money, the persons who are in custody are the police members of Surubi district police chief one of the money changer said,”

“We are paying for the new faces with new Governmental uniforms, we feel we are not safe anymore one of the demonstrators said,”

Meanwhile head of the money changer center has warned the Government to review the kidnapping cases, otherwise we will continue to our demonstration.

Head of the Shahzada money exchanging center Khan Mohammad said,” I demand the President and CE Abdullah Abdullah to hear our voice, and end our problems.”

Surubi district police chief Mir salam Alam khail said,” those kidnappers who have committed the crimes are now in Kabul police criminal investigation prison, my security forces have nothing to do with kidnappings.”

Kidnapping cases is common cases within Afghanistan, most of the opportunists and burglars are trying to get benefited from the ongoing situation by abducting different traders in the country.

Ariana News report repeatedly contacted the officials in Ministry of Interior Affairs to access more details over the case but received no responds.


 Reported by Abdul Aziz Karimi

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