Money Changers Seek Ways to Exchange Old U.S. Currencies

(Last Updated On: January 17, 2017)

3Money exchangers Union at Sarai Shahzada are seeking ways to exchang more than $ 100 million collected from the customers in Central Bank of Afghanistan, demanding the officials in the following Bank to resolve the issue.

Money exchangers Union Spokesman Zeerak said, “We have collected more than $100 million old currency from the costumers, demanding the officials in Central Bank of Afghanistan  either exchange it or give us permission to sell  the amount into other country’s markets.”

They have stated that officials at Central Bank of Afghanistan told them that the USA banks do not receive the old currency.

Member of the Money exchangers Union Amin Jan Khostia said, “We went to Central Bank of Afghanistan to share our problem, we were told that huge part of the Afghanistan Central Bank backup currency is organized by the old U.S. dollar currency.”

Economy experts have accused the poor leaderships in Afghanistan Central Bank.

“The current issue about Old U.S. currency is coming from the poor management of the Central Bank of Afghanistan, this type of issue isn’t common in other countries in the world.” Economy expert Sayed Qeias Saiedi said.

Efforts made to have the views of the officials in Central Bank of Afghanistan but none responded to our inquiry.

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