MoMP To Launch 500 Million Afghani Oil Survey in Paktika

(Last Updated On: August 6, 2016)

5Officials in the Ministry of Mines and Petroleum have reported that a 500 million Afghani survey will be launched on discovering of Oil in Katawaz area of Paktika Province, saying a number of the companies have delivered their offers but none has been nominated yet.

Economy experts have stated that Ministry of Mines and Petroleum can save the country by launching such projects within the country.

Ministry of Mines and Petroleum Spokesman Mohyuddin Noori said, “Efforts are underway to pass the responsibility of the following survey to experienced company, we also want the following survey to be launched soon.”

Economy expert Shabeer Basheer said, “There are a lot of same type of mines located in our country, Ministry of Mines and Petroleum should step up to discover more mines to boost the economy of the country,”

Officials in Ministry of Mines and Petroleum urged that after the survey the second step which is drilling will be started to discover the mines in Paktika.

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