Momentum updates on NUG Cabinet vote casting process

(Last Updated On: January 28, 2015)


Wolesi Jirga _ The Lower House of Parliament on Tuesday session decided on putting ballot boxes for the National Unity Government (NUG) nominees and started casting their votes for 18 nominated ministers and the NDS directorate.

243 MPs were present in the House to cast their votes for the NUG nominees, the voting process went calmly and two of the MPs, Ramazan Bashardoost & Baktash Siawash voted openly.

Those nominees who receive %50+1 vote (122 votes) will be qualified ministers.

The vote counting process was closely observed by Ghulam Nabi Farahi, Minister of Parliament Affairs.

1. Rahmatullah Nabil, NDS Director won 154 votes of confidence, 58 against, 22 ballots blank and 9 invalid.

2. Shir Mohammad Karimi failed with 112 votes, 96 votes in favor, 26 blank and 7 invalid to be qualified as minister of defense.

3. Salahuddin Rabbani succeeded with 151 votes of confidence, 70 against, 12 blank and 9 invalid as Foreigner Minister.

4. Afghan Parliament approved Noorulhaq Ulomi as New Minister of Interior with 131 votes, 91 against, 15 blank and 6 invalid of confidence.

5. Sardar Rahman Oghly by wining 104 votes , 103 in favor, 27 blank and 9 invalid  failed to become new Afghan minister of economic.

6. Nomination of Eklil Hakimi for ministry of finance is approved by the Lower House with 128 votes of confidence, 88 against, 21 blank and 8 invalid.

7. MPs approved Firuzuddin Firuz as New Minister of Public Health of Afghan NUG with 170 votes of confidence, 54 against, 12 blank and 4 invalid.

8. Nomination of Khatera Afghan for Ministry of Higher Education has been disapproved by the Lower House with 146 votes,  71 votes in favor, 21 blank and 3 invalid.

9. Afghan Parliament rejected Mohammad Gul Zalmay Younousy with 121 votes, 91 in favor, 20 blank and 9 invalid for Ministry of Education.

10. Nomination Barna Karimi for Ministry of Tele-Communication, Information & Culture is disapproved by the Lower House (Wolesi Jirga) with 97 votes, 115 in favor, 26 blank and 5 invalid.

11. Afghan Parliament rejected Abas Basir for Ministry of Public Works with 131 votes, 85 in favor, 19 blank and 8 invalid.

12. Sayed Hussain Alemi Balkhi, nominee for Ministry of Refugees and Repatriations, approved by Afghan Parliament with 134 votes, 87 against, 17 blank and 5 invalid.

13. Dawoud Shah Saba, Ministry of Mines and Petroleum: Approved by 146 votes of confidence, 74 against, 13 blank and 10 invalid.

14. Nasir Ahmad Durani, Ministry of Rural Rehabilitations: Approved with 145 votes, 71 against, 19 blank and 5 invalid as New Minister

15. Abdul Rahman Salahi, Ministry of Water and Energy: Rejected with 109 votes, 106 in favor, 24 blank and 4 invalid.

16. Sardar Mohammad Rahimi, Ministry of Commerce & Industries: Rejected with 102 votes, 111 in favor, 20 blank, 9 invalid.

17. Faiz Mohammad Osmani, Ministry of Hajj and Religious Affairs: Approved with 160 votes of confidence, 61 against, 17 blank and 5 invalid.

18. Faizullah Zaki, Ministry of Transportation and Civil Aviation: Rejected with 133 votes, 81 in favor, 25 blank and 4 invalid.

19. Qamaruddin Shenwari, Ministry of Border and Tribal Affairs: Rejected with 112 votes, 102 in favor, 22 blank and 7 invalid.

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