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MoI Takes New Measures Against Armored Vehicles in Kabul

(Last Updated On: June 7, 2018)

The Interior Ministry has taken new measures against the armored vehicles in the capital Kabul, following the militant attack on its compound on May 30.  

The Ministry spokesman Najib Danish on Thursday stressed that the individuals who own armored vehicles should registered them at the earliest possible time, “otherwise will face legal actions.”

 The official, meanwhile, said that those government officials who use police’s vehicles out of MoI setup, should bring them back to the ministry.  

“If they don’t handover the vehicles at the earliest possible time, they will be referred to judiciary institutions,” he warned.  

The move comes days after a number of Afghan senators urged the government to prevent insurgents’ access to armored vehicles, following the attack on MoI compound in Kabul in which the militants used two armored vehicles before being gunned down by the security forces.

According to reports,  there are about  5,000 unregistered vehicles across the country which is a concern for the people amid deteriorated  security.

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