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MOI seeks strengthening of community police

(Last Updated On: August 16, 2014)

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Ministry of Interior Affairs MOI officials during the three days of gathering held with civil society activists to find better ways of strengthen community policing and applying the theories of the activists.

A number of civil society activists have participated from different parts of the country in the following workshop.

The major issues which were discussed on the session were developing of skills for the Women Police and attracting of the people trusts and supports, this was declared as big object for the Ministry of Interior Affairs to be gained said the Deputy Strategic of MOI Ahmad Masoud Azizi.

A number of the civil society activists have declared resolving of the insecurity in remote areas paves the way for Police to gain more trusts and supports from the people.

Misbehavior of the police towards the nation is other challenge stance ahead of the police departments, police local officials have added that for resolving the issues some serious measurements were adopted to gain more supports and trusts from the people side.

Head of Community policing department Homayoon Ayni claimed that currently 157 thousand police ensuring security across the country and a small portion of the security is being provided by the community police in remote areas.

Ministry of Interior Affairs seeks more new approaches with positively impacts police affairs by holding of seminars, workshops, sessions, gathering.

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