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Moi receives orders to root up Taliban income sources

(Last Updated On: June 8, 2016)


Afghanistan National Security Council has ordered Ministry of Interior affairs to its forces to root up all the Taliban income sources, since Afghanistan mines are counted as the biggest financial supports for Taliban.

Ministry of Interior Affairs Spokesman has stated that Taliban are trying to have influence on those provinces where mines are counted good financial sources.

Meanwhile officials in Ministry of mine and petroleum have confirmed the report released over the mines of Afghanistan by the International NGO called Global.

Global witness has published a report over the Afghanistan mining condition saying Taliban are the one who benefit the most from the excavation of mines in the country.

Ministry of interior affairs Spokesman Sediq Sediqee said,” Afghanistan Security council has ordered all the Afghanistan security forces to root up the financial sources of Taliban, our enemies are trying to get fed out of the mines.”

Ministry of mine and petroleum Spokesman Muhuddin Noori said,” Mines are illegally excavated and its money is taken abroad, we want the law to be implemented and those who are illegally excavating the mines to be executed, we do confirm the reports over lazuli mine are excavated in Badakhshan province.”

Officials in Afghanistan integrity watch expressed concerns over accessing Taliban in Afghanistan mines, blaming members of the National council and Governmental figures on having hands in illegal excavation of the mines in the country.

Afghanistan integrity watch member Asadullah Zemaray said,” This is big issue and the Government should act immediately, the following process is supported by Mafia.”

Afghanistan mine values reaches up to $ 3 Trillion dollars , but the Global witness findings indicate that Taliban income from the lazuli mine is equal to Afghanistan incomes from all mines within the country.

Reported by Fawad Nassiri

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