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MoI Prepares to Ensure Security of Election Centers

(Last Updated On: March 17, 2018)

The Ministry of Interior says prepared to take security measures related to providing the protection for the upcoming parliamentary and district council elections’ polling stations across the country.

Speaking to Ariana News on Saturday, the Ministry Spokesman Nasrat Rahimi said: “We assure the Independent Election Commission of maintaining the security of every place being chosen as polling centers by the commission.”

However, Rahimi said the election commission (IEC) was yet to provide them with the list of polling stations.

This comes as earlier, the IEC said that will not be able to install polling stations in 40 districts of the country, reasoning lack of security. 

Some political parties believe the election commission fails to act independently and that it takes orders from the government.

“They [members of the election commission] are affiliated and take government’s orders,” said Deputy Head of New National Front party. “The government has no will to hold elections and time will reveal their other ominous plans.”

The election commission previously set July 7 as the date for holding the parliamentary and district council elections, however, it has been delayed to mid months of Sept-Oct this year.

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