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MoI Officers Protest Over ‘Unknown Destiny’

(Last Updated On: March 20, 2018)

A number of reserved police officers staged a protest near Afghan parliament on Tuesday over what they called their “unknown destiny”.

The protesters claimed they haven’t received their salaries for the last two months and urged the government to identify their fate.

“The government should either appoint us in a position and pay our monthly salary or approve our retirement,” Ghulam Mohammad Qazizada, one of the protesters said.

“A group of mafia is in power at the ministry of interior affairs now and they are looking to terminate proud and dignified cadres from the police,” Abdul Haseeb Aryan, another protester claimed.

Meanwhile, Najib Danish, Spokesman of the Ministry of Interior (MoI), during a press conference in Kabul said there is a plan to appoint these officers across the country.

“A number of reserved commissioned and non-commissioned officers are expecting to be appointed in a position. We are working on a plan to recruit them based on the requirements in different areas in the country,” Danish said.

Last month, President Ashraf Ghani signed the retirement of 162 army generals in a bid to implement reforms in the Afghan security institutions and likely more generals will be retired from the police ranks as well in the near future.

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