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MoI Minister Admits Police Involvement in Criminal Cases

(Last Updated On: January 16, 2018)

Wais Barmak, the Minister of Interior Affairs on Tuesday admitted that police forces are involved in a number of criminal cases.

“My findings show that police forces are involved in a number of cases, because they are infected. I have tasked the intelligence to identify corrupts and infiltrators within police ranks,” Barmak said.

According to the minister of interior, organized criminal networks have a close relation with terrorist groups in the capital Kabul.

“There is a strong and regular connection between the organized criminal networks and terrorist networks. They are supporting each other,” he added.

In addition, Barmak said that suicide bomber are using new techniques to carry out deadly attacks.

“Terrorists are wearing high-quality clothes and using modeling techniques to enter in the areas,” he stated.

Despite of praising the patriot policemen, the interior minister have always called corruption within police ranks as the main reason for increased insecurity in the country.

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