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MoI Dismissed, Replaced 59 Border Police Members

(Last Updated On: July 28, 2018)

The Ministry of Interior (MoI) sacked and replaced 59 bolder Police members from Kabul airport on Saturday.

The interior minister, Wais Ahmad Barmak said he will bring remarkable changes and reforms in border police of 16 ports of the country.

“The next steps are brining reforms and changes in criminal, discovery and intelligence institutions and no can prevent us from reforms,” Barmak said.

Trafficking in drugs, money, gold and antique heritages in cooperation of the Kabul airport police were the major reasons for the reforms.

In the meantime, senior deputy interior minister for security, Akhtar Muhammad Ibrahimi declared that a number of individuals are smuggling by using political passports.

“The border Police should be equipped, we need more equipment,” Ibrahimi added.

Analysts are said to believe that intervention in appointment of MoI’s employees is the main factor for the existence of corruption in Police forces of the country.

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