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MoI considers Daesh black flag in Afghanistan signs of Taliban’s decay

(Last Updated On: April 10, 2015)


The ministry of interior (MoI) is said to consider Daesh’s black flag in Afghanistan are the signs of Taliban groups decay.

The interior minister, Norulhaq Ulomi, warned that Daesh fighters will fail in Afghanistan despite strong support of outsiders.

“The up and down black and white flags of Daesh and Taliban shows that Taliban are dismantling  and Daesh will not raise in Afghanistan.” Ulomi said.

However, nowadays the armed Taliban group has increased its aggressive and suicide attacks in several parts of Afghanistan.

Afghan troops are said to believe Taliban groups will fail in the new season combat against them.

Deputy of general chief of staff, Murad Ali Murad said, “The enemy thought they would succeed in this year’s spring but Afghan troops have thwarted most of their plans and they are not able to gain victory in the country.”

Currently, 352 Afghan troops have a difficult operation ahead because they should cold the flames of Afghanistan war without the cooperation of foreigners.

But the lack of heavy weapons was said to consider the main challenge for Afghan troops.



Reported by Fawad Naseri




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