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MoI Biggest ‘Obstacle’ to Cleanliness of Kabul city

(Last Updated On: May 29, 2017)

The Cleanliness Department of Kabul Municipality says the Interior Ministry (MoI) and lack of garbage trucks have caused the department to do not cope with load of wastes in the city with over five million residents.

“Kabul security commanders insists that the garbage baskets should not be in the city because the enemies misuse it. We have witnessed and experienced some incidents in the past.”

MoI also confirms these statements, saying the cleanliness department should cooperate in providing garbage baskets.

Acting head of MoI, Najib Danish said, “the garbage baskets should be provided in coordination with security forces because of the security issues and they can cover the areas.”

Kabul is a more than 4,000-year old city once known as a city of gardens; now it is among the world’s five most polluted capital cities.

Air pollution in Kabul, which is estimated at seven times the safe level, is a little discussed yet potentially calamitous threat to public safety in the war-torn country.

The National Environmental Protection Authority recently estimated that at least 3,000 lives are lost in the capital each year because of health complications related to pollution.

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