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MoHE Announces Entrance Exam Result

(Last Updated On: August 2, 2018)

Afghanistan’s Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE) on Wednesday announced the results of 1396 entrance Exam.

According to MoHE information, a student of Afghan-Turk High School in Kabul, Tahmina daughter of Abdul Sabur, scored 353 points and was declared as the Kankor’s first place winner.

The Minister of Higher Education Dr. Najibullah Khwaja Omari said around 176,000 students had obtained the forms for the university entrance tests but more than 158,000 students had participated in the tests.

“At least 50 violations have been recorded in the process and were prosecuted. The decrease in number of violations shows the effectiveness of education plans compared to the past,” Minister Omari said.

At least 77.8 percent of the test participants have manage to pass the test and qualify for the enrollment in higher education institutes.

This year, the lowest score for higher education was set at 150 points and 140 points for the upper secondary education.

The low capacity to attract students has always been a challenge for the Ministry of Higher Education.

Fraud and interventions were the major problems in entrance exam each year.

“The entrance exam successfully finished, despite limitations and security threats,” Omari added.

Now, the fate of nearly 20,000 young people who failed in the exam can be another challenge for the government that most of its young generation suffer from unemployment and are looking for a job.

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