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Mohaqqeq rejects House Speaker recent comments

(Last Updated On: December 28, 2014)

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The Second Deputy of Afghanistan Chief Executive Officer, Haji Mohammad Mohaqeq rejected the House Speaker statements regarding the National Unity Government formation and called it a misunderstanding.

He believes that Unity Government was formed as a result of the people vote and emphasized that the U.S. and the International Community mediate in Afghan elections does not mean that they have interfered in our internal affairs.

These statements comes after the House Speaker, Abdul Rauf Ebrahimi on Saturday session called the government illegitimate which is imposed and formed by the United States of America at the U.S. Embassy in Kabul.

In addition Mohaqqeq in response to Ariana News corresponded regarding the government policy against the terrorists said that according to our policy anyone who kills Afghans are our enemies.

“The President and CEO have clear statements in this regard, the President declared that I will never forgive the killer of Afghans and the one who kills afghans are the enemies,” he said.

Wolesi Jirga Speaker on Saturday session strongly criticized the National Unity Government for postponing the new cabinet formation and set a one week deadline for the government.

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