Mohaqiq warns to not accept the result if IEC’s interventions continues

(Last Updated On: August 25, 2014)


Muhammad Mohaqiq, second running mate of Abdullah Abdullah warned that if the independent election commission (IEC) continues to its interventions and inefficiencies in invalidating process, he will not accept the result.
Muhammad Mohaqiq in a special interview with Ariananews has said that the election commission interferes in the invalidating process of votes and considers the invalidating measures simple.
No progress has been made on the differences issues between the two presidential contenders so far, said Mohaqiq.
At the same time, the independent election commission emphasized on transparency of this process.
Deputy of IEC, Abdul Rahman Hotaki said, “For more transparency of the election process and the result to be acceptable for all, we have started the 100 % auditing process of votes in technical cooperation of the United Nation.”
This comes as that the IEC on Monday officially started the invalidating process of votes in presence of media outlets, national and international observers.


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