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Mohaqiq Says President Ghani Warned Political Parties of ‘Dissolution’

(Last Updated On: September 9, 2018)

Mohammad Mohaqiq, Second Deputy to CEO says President Ashraf Ghani in a meeting with representatives of political parties has warned of dissolving the political parties if they insist on their suggested demands regarding the upcoming elections.

Speaking during a ceremony held on Sunday to mark the 17th death anniversary of Ahmad Shah Massoud in Kabul, Mohaqiq said that the president was expected to negotiate with the political parties regarding their demands for the upcoming parliamentary and presidential elections, but instead, Ghani has talked about “dissolution” of the political parties.

Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah, however, said that he is hopeful of addressing the “legitimate” demands of the political parties regarding the elections.

At the same event, Abdul Rasul Sayyaf said that elections must be held in the country and that no one can delay the process.

Second Vice President Sarwar Danish, meanwhile, said that there is no alternative for political stability in the country except elections.

Following the recent display of fake ID cards by political parties, Ahmad Wali Massoud said that the people will not accept the elections and its outcome in which their rights were being violated.

Changing the election system, allowing political parties to play a supervision in the election process and the usage of a biometric system are among issues as the political parties insisted on its implementation.

In early August, Presidential Palace has rejected the suggested plan of political parties for using a biometric system in the election process as it said the plan is time-consuming and will prevent having a timely election in the country.

The IEC, meanwhile, has called the political parties’ demands for reforming the electoral system as their “personal opinion”.  The commission has said that it works based on a set timetable. 

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