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Mohaqiq Pronounces Reactions Against Him as Daesh Oriented Accusations

(Last Updated On: November 29, 2017)

Afghanistan’s Second Deputy of Chief Executive, Mohammad Mohaqiq, has pronounced some of recent reactions regarding his remarks as Islamic State or Daesh oriented accusations in a new interview with Ariananews.

He said that those who are accusing him due to the defeat of Islamic State or Daesh, are the terror group’s sympathizers and the accusations are ethnic and Daesh oriented.

The top Afghan official, once again defended his recent controversial remarks and certainly noted about the reaction of Fazel Hadi Mulsimyar, the Speaker of Upper House, that “Mulimyar’s words smell the civil war”.

Afghanistan’s Upper House Speaker, Fazel Hadi Muslimyar, had described Mohaqiq’s recent remarks as “national treason” and urged his prosecution.

Mr. Mohaqiq further spoke about the reaction of Abdullah Abdullah, the Chief Executive of the National Unity Government that his recent remarks are not in opposition to Abdullah’s reaction and he accepts “Afghanistan foreign policy is not participating in foreign wars”.

“Our foreign policy is the world’s further engagement in elimination of extremist groups in Afghanistan in order to prevent such groups from achieving their goals,” he further noted about the foreign policy of Afghanistan.

However, Abdullah Abdullah, the country’s Chief Executive, said in a meeting of Afghan Council of Ministers after Mohaqiq’s praising of Afghans presence in Syrian war that “we are not in favor of Afghans’ fighting in anywhere outside the country” and praised the efforts of countries which contributed to the defeat of Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.

Mohammad Mohaqiq, who is considered a powerful Hazara leader, pointing out that the people are never in favor of returning to the civil war and will defend themselves, also noted that some circles are trying to sideline the ethnic group.

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