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MoFA reforms, essential & the president’s priority – Arg

(Last Updated On: February 3, 2020)

The presidential palace, in response to the Chief Executive’s latest decree, says that bringing reforms in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is essential and of the president’s priorities.

After the resignation of Salahuddin Rabbani, President Ghani appointed Haroon Chakhansoori as the new acting minister of the foreign affairs, one of Abdullah Abdullah’s share of the power.

CE Abdullah instructed the MoFA Sunday not to appoint/replace any seats in the capital and Afghanistan’s political agencies abroad under the reform policy.

“CE Abdullah is discussing appointing new ministers, deputies, and governors, as per his share of the National Unity Government. If necessary, he will even decide the fate of the MoFA acting minister,” said Mujib-ur Rahman Rahimi, the CE’s spokesperson.

Enayatullah Babur Farahmand, Abdullah’s electoral team’s spokesperson, said that of the 50% share of the power in the National Unity government, Abdullah may have been left with only 20%.

Since the new reforms in the MoFA, some CE related diplomats out the country, have been either called back to Kabul or been set aside from their job.

Fardeen Barmaki, the former Afghan diplomat in Prague, said, “New appointments to the foreign policy framework are the kind of people, who have not been to a foreign policy school at all.”

However, the presidential palace said that the latest reforms in the MoFA by Ghani were essential and of his priorities.

“Reforms are necessary. It’s the president’s job to bring reforms in the administrations to build their capacity. Unfortunately, we were facing challenges in the MoFA so the president needed to appoint/replace some positions to make reforms.”

The presidential palace underlines that appointment and replacement are of the president’s responsibilities. Thus, when and where needed, the president will proceed.

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