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MoFA Optimistic Over Building National, Int’l Consensus on Afghan Peace

(Last Updated On: August 14, 2018)

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) has expressed optimism over the formation of national and international consensus regarding the peace process in Afghanistan.

“A stronger consensus has been formed regarding Afghanistan’s peace and we hope it would have acceptable results in the upcoming months,” Faramarz Tamana, head of MoF Institute of Strategic Studies.

MoF Institute of Strategic Studies considers Pakistan as an actor that plays negative role in Afghanistan peace process and emphasizes the country has no will regarding peace in Afghanistan.

“Pakistan has always played negative role in Afghanistan peace issue. Pakistan has never had any honesty and seriousness with the Afghan policy regarding peace. We hope the new government of Pakistan joins to a regional consensus,” Tamana added.

According to international relations analysts, Pakistan’s isolation for cooperation in recent Afghan peace efforts can destroy all plans of Kabul-Washington regarding the direct negotiations with Taliban.

“Pakistan’s role in Afghanistan’s peace is so weak because the country had never been honest. But Afghanistan’s peace would be very difficult without the serious cooperation of Pakistan,” Zia Danish, university teacher said.

Previously, the representatives of U.S. and Taliban met in Qatar and discussed Afghanistan peace issue and the two sides are scheduled to meet again in Doha in September for the second time.

Reports suggest the main focus of U.S. and Taliban officials is the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan.

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