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MoFA Deputy to visit Pakistan on border disputes: NSC

(Last Updated On: June 17, 2016)


Officials in Afghanistan Security Council have stated that Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs will visit Pakistan to discuss the border disputes that killed several forces and injured dozens in past several days in Torkham.

Pakistan National Security adviser Sartaj Aziz had invited the Afghanistan Foreign Minister and National Security adviser to visit Pakistan for further discussion of the Torkham disputes, an invitation which was rejected by the Afghan officials.

After armed clash erupted in between the Afghanistan security forces and Pakistan military in the joint border of Afghanistan- Pakistan Torkham last week on illegal installation which killed several forces from both sides and injured dozens the Pakistan National Security Adviser Sartaj Aziz invited Afghan officials to seek better alternative way resolving the issue.

Afghanistan National Security Council Spokesman Tawab Ghorzang said,” in the first step we will have the Afghanistan Foreign Deputy Minister to visit Pakistan on border disputes.”

Mp Simen Barekzai said,” We need support Afghanistan Government for ignoring Pakistan invitation, but we hope to see a good result out the Deputy Minister visit from Pakistan.”

“ We have experienced the back and forth visits, none has brought good achievements, Pakistan has been cheating us, its need that United Nations Organizations should be aware of it law maker Basheer Ahmad Taij said.”

Meanwhile officials in Pakistan Foreign Minister have stated that efforts to resolve the disputes on border side are underway.”

Reported by Nusrat Parsa


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