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MoF Warns Custom, Income Departments to Collect Targeted Interests

(Last Updated On: August 17, 2015)


Afghanistan Minister of Finance Iklil Ahmad Hakimi has warned the custom and income departments to meet the targeted goals to boost incomes in coming three months in the future, otherwise they will have to leave their positions.

Mr. Hakimi said,” in the first two quarters of the current year about 7 billion Afghani decreased, which is not acceptable for me.”

“Efforts are underway to increase the internal incomes to be sufficient for all expenditures of the Government and to step up for being self-sufficient Minister of Finance Iklil Ahmad Hakimi said.”

He has also mentioned that collecting incomes from the related departments of customs and incomes are the key towards being self-sufficient, saying the following departments couldn’t meet the targeted goals to increase incomes for the Government.

Addressing the issue Minister of Finance said,” you all couldn’t meet the targeted object now we are lack of 7 billion Afghani within the budget which is not acceptable for me, if anyone has neglected on the aspect he/she should be capable to meet the target otherwise there will be no jobs for them within the departments.”

Head of the Andkhoy custom department Fazullah Fazil said,” due to insecurity the income has decreased even up to 55 % this year, he claimed that the insecurity didn’t impact on our custom department but also it affected Northern income department.”

Head of the Farah custom department Ajar Khan Zaheer said,” We weren’t expecting increasing of incomes within our department comparing to last year.”

Despite of such disaster within the Finance system in Afghanistan, experts have always claimed the existence of huge corruptions in custom departments.

Officials in Ministry of Finance claimed programs to combat corruptions are underway.

Reported by: Aslam Ijab


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