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MoF Demands Approving of New Budget (2015)

(Last Updated On: December 21, 2014)


Officials in Ministry of Finance have warned that we will not be capable to pay the salaries of the Governmental workers after 3 months ahead.

They have demanded the soon approval of the New fiscal year budget from the lower house of the parliament.

Meanwhile lawmaker Naqibullah Faiq stated that the following budget does not meet all the necessary requirements of the Nation it will be rejected anyway.

However the Mps in the lower house of the parliament have refused the claims made by the IEC officials saying, we will have this issue on our working agenda coming Wednesday.

Speaking on the issue Afghan economy experts has said,”in order to fill the gap the lower house of the parliament should approve common budget for coming year 1394.”

The upcoming fiscal year budget is 458,8 billion Afghani which 275 billion Afghani has been allocated for common budget and 183 billion Afghani for Development budget,322,2 billion Afghani is coming from International supports and 132 billion Afghani is made from Internal production.

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