MoEC Outlines New Plan to Create Jobs, Prevent Capital Outflow

(Last Updated On: January 3, 2018)

Ministry of Economy has outlined a new plan for production of 22 items inside the country which will provide employment opportunities to thousands of people and will prevent capital outflow of $3 billion yearly, officials said Wednesday.

“In total of 22 items, most of them are agricultural products e.g. flour, rice and cooking oil as well as cement and extraction of petroleum,” said Sohrab Bahman, a Spokesman for the Ministry of Economy, adding that most of the items entrusted to private sectors.

Some economic analysts believe the plan should have been implemented earlier.

“At the moment, private sectors are facing lot of problems and hundreds of license were being canceled in every section due to government’s negligence,” said Taj Mohammad Talash, an economic analyst. “Further steps should be taken in support of private sector.” 

The MoEC plan comes as Afghan economy’s growth remains principally driven by agriculture and economic recovery is slow due to continued insecurity which curtails private investment and consumer demand.  

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