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MoD Stresses to Persuade Terrorist Groups for Peace Talks

(Last Updated On: July 4, 2017)

The Afghan Acting Minister of Defense, Tareq Shah Bahrami says terrorist groups have suffered heavy blows by Afghan security forces and emphasized on persuading them for peace negotiation by the end of the year.

“This year will be an important year for us. The oppositions and their supporters are under pressure and have suffered heavy blows. We will persuade them for peace talks by the end of the year,” said Tareq Shah Bahrami, acting defense minister.

Bahrami declared the only way to end the terrorism dilemma in the region is investment on Afghan security forces.

He noted the International Community has committed long-term politically and military support to Afghanistan.

Of the 29 NATO members, 15 countries committed to send more troops to Afghanistan. Bahrami believes that they will not have any role in advancing the war.

The acting defense minister warned to never allow any country to interfere and change Afghanistan to safe havens for terrorists.

“We have terrorists safe havens in our neighboring and the summit also emphasized that the International Community will not allow any counter to interfere the internal affairs of Afghanistan,” Bahrami added.

Afghan troops are currently fighting terrorists in 21 provinces and eight provinces of the country witness serious clashes. However, according to the government’s 4-year security plan, deep changes will be made in Afghan security institutions and government will expand its sovereignty.

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