MoD Stresses on Large-Scale Operations against IS amid Growing Tensions

(Last Updated On: January 1, 2018)

Afghan Defense Ministry says large-scale operations were being launched against Islamic State militants, following the group’s deadly attacks across the country.

The U.S. deployed the largest conventional bomb it has ever used in combat in April, last year, striking a complex of tunnels and bunkers used by IS militants in Achin district in eastern Nangarhar province.

The 11-ton bomb was dropped as part the U.S. and Afghan forces clearing operations against the IS militants in the country. However, despite of being under major strikes, the group has still been able to conduct deadly attacks, mainly in the country’s capital Kabul.

Currently, the group has presence in Achin and Khogyani districts of Nangarhar as well as in Qushtepa and Darzab districts Jowzjan province, according to officials.

“Large-scale operations were being conducted [against IS], [the group] still sometimes launching hostile attacks, but we are sure that they have no place in Afghanistan as their acts are not in conformity with Afghan culture,” Mohammad Radmanish, the Deputy Spokesman of the Defense Ministry said.

Afghan military forces, believe the IS activities are being limited and the U.S.-Afghan air strikes have increased pressure on the group.

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