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MoD Says No Change in Pakistan’s Support to Terror Groups

(Last Updated On: November 24, 2017)

Afghan Defense Ministry says despite of heavy international pressures on Pakistan there is no change in Islamabad’s policy toward terrorists.

“We haven’t seen any practical action by [Pakistan] which resulted in reduction of attacks or reduction of terrorist groups in Afghanistan,” Defense Ministry Spokesman, Major General Dawlat Waziri, said.

It is widely believed in Afghanistan that Pakistan will not take any decisive action against the terrorist groups in its soil unless the United States hasn’t put more pressures on Islamabad.

“The U.S. should warn Pakistan that if they do not act in line with the U.S. new strategy for Afghanistan and South Asia, it will take action to eliminate the terrorist groups and their safe havens,” military analyst, Miagul Khalid said.

About two days ago, Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah has also informed the United Nations Secretary General that there was no change in Pakistan’s policy on terrorist safe havens.

This comes as senior U.S. and Afghan officials have long been accusing Pakistan for providing sanctuary for terrorist groups and have urged the country to stop giving “safe haven” to Taliban-affiliated Haqqani Network and other terrorist groups.

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