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MoD Reacts to Taliban Recent ‘Threat’ Warning

(Last Updated On: April 6, 2018)

The Ministry of Defense (MoD) in reaction to Taliban’s recent threat of taking revenge for Dasht-e Archi’s airstrike has said that Afghan forces are capable of thwarting any threats.

“We assure our people to defend them. We are committed to peace, but we will take serious measures against those who do not want peace,” said Muhammad Radmanish, the spokesman of MoD.

The Taliban group has vowed to “take serious revenge” after a recent Afghan airstrike on a religious school (madrasa) in Daftani village of Dasht-e Archi district of Kunduz which killed dozens of people, including children.

The group has recently issued a statement, saying it condemns in the strongest terms this major crime and vows to take serious revenge against the perpetrators.

The Afghan military initially denied civilians were among the dead and wounded in the airstrike and noted that the bombing had killed only Taliban commanders and caused no civilian fatalities.

However, President Ghani’s office has acknowledged that civilians had been among the dead, and that the bombing would be investigated.

Afghan analysts are said to believe that the Taliban group has always committed crimes and this time they will also carry out further crimes against humanity.

Few days later, the Afghan military officials blamed the Taliban for shooting civilians during the airstrike. They added that more than 40 Taliban including 20 key commanders of the group have been killed during the incident.

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