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MoD neither Confirms nor Rejects Prosecution of Ex-209th Corps Commander

(Last Updated On: May 28, 2017)

Defense Ministry neither confirmed nor rejected the prosecution of former commander of Afghan army’s 209th Shaheen Corps, stressed investigation is underway from 26 people over the last month’s attack that killed many soldiers at the base.

The Corps commander, Lieutenant General Mohmand Katawazai was dismissed and reportedly alleged of negligence in his duty, after the attack that killed more than 140 Afghan soldiers at Shaheen army base in northern Balkh province.     

 “It is not essential whether the commander is under investigation or not but when the Attorney General completed its investigation, court will announce its decision about these people,” said Defense Ministry Spokesman, Dawlat Waziri.

Military analysts believe the government is attempting to hide the facts related to the deadly incident.

“The government doesn’t want to share information on the deadly attacks and trying to hide the facts behind the incidents,” said military analyst, Attiqullah Amarkhil.

Some MPs stressed the commissions which set to probe such incidents have not been independent and the government has been involved behind its decisions.  

“These commissions are not impartial because some government officials are involved behind each and every attack,” said parliament member, Jafar Mehdawi.

This comes as the set probe commission has not yet shared the hidden facts behind the incident, which according to some oversees bodies, creates disbelieve among the people.

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