MoD Insists on Ending of War in Afghanistan In Any Form

(Last Updated On: March 14, 2017)


Officials from Afghanistan’s Ministry of Defense discussed differing scenarios for ending the war, while a group of senior US military officials have presented a new policy to increase the number of US troops in Afghanistan.

Ministry of Defense Spokesman Dawlat Waziri said, “In any form they should end war in Afghanistan, we support them, combating terrorism is worldwide risk, its every country’s responsibility to do joint combat, the US Government should do a lot of investments on Afghan security forces.”

Ministry of Interior Affairs Spokesman Sediq Sediqee said, “Since we are facing dangerous terrorists in the country, the presence of the US troops [in Afghanistan], joint cooperation, [in] fighting terrorism can eliminate the insurgents from the country.”

Meanwhile, military experts stated that assistance in procuring equipment, and training of Afghan security forces by from the International troops, would mitigate the need to have additional international forces in Afghanistan.

Yar Mohammad Yarmand, the former Deputy Minster at the Ministry of Interior Affairs said, “We have 350,000 Afghan security forces, which is sufficient, but our needs are to have training on intelligence, air technology, air support equipment, artillery, Information Technology and discovery section.”

The United States began drawing down the number of its troops from Afghanistan on 2014.

Reported by: Samera Zafari

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