MoD Expresses Concerns over Insecurity

(Last Updated On: August 23, 2014)


Afghan Ministry of Defense said there are several reasons for increasing insecurity within the country such as Long lasting of the Presidential Election, no agreements made on signing the mutual security agreement, withdrawing of the International troops, and releasing of some of the Taliban figures from the jails.

MoD spokesman Gen,Zahir Azimi said,” in order to neutralize the attacks and avoid increasing insecurity across the country more troops should be deployed in those insecure areas to ensure security he also said different military operations have been launched and will be launch soon to clear the areas from Taliban presences.”

Mp Asifa Shadab said,” people in Faryab declare the current challenges is coming from the Presidential Election which has had no results yet.

The following Mp and her people claimed in order to overcome the current challenges in North parts of the country Government needs to provide more jobs opportunities and remove poverty from the societies.

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