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MoD Accused Pakistan of Backing Taliban in Staging Recent Massive Attacks

(Last Updated On: October 20, 2017)

Afghan Defense Ministry says Pakistan has supported the Taliban group in carrying out the recent deadly attacks in Afghanistan in order to show the world they have no influence over the insurgent group.

“Pakistan is trying to show the international community that they have no influence over the Taliban. They hold peace meetings in Oman to show the Taliban are independent. But Pakistan have paved the way for the Taliban to carry out such massive attacks,” Defense Ministry Spokesman Major General Dawlat Waziri said.

The Taliban group launched massive attacks in Paktia, Ghazni, Farah and Kandahar provinces a day after the sixth Quadrilateral Coordination Group (QCG) meeting between Afghanistan, Pakistan, U.S. and China ended in Oman.

According to the Afghan military officials, Taliban cannot carry out any attack without receiving support from the Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) Agency and Islamabad is not loyal to the agreements made in Oman reconciliation meeting.

“The United States must force Pakistan to stop supporting terrorists by taking decisive actions such as drone attacks against terrorists safe havens in Pakistan’s soil,” Waziri added.

Political commentators also believe that Pakistan is trying to proof that they have no influence over the group and therefore the United State must not put more pressures on Islamabad as a state providing safe haven to the terrorist organizations.

“There was no concrete pressure by the United State over the Pakistan. Now Pakistan is making efforts to convince the world that they are not supporting terrorists,” political commentator, Tahir Hashimi stated.

By Bais Hayat & Hesamuddin Hesam

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