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MoD Accepts Taliban New Strategy of Targeting Military Bases

(Last Updated On: May 27, 2017)

Following the recent deadly Taliban raid on Kandahar’s military base, the Ministry of Defense (MoD) accepts the Taliban’s new war strategy that targets Afghan military bases.

At least 15 Afghan soldiers have been killed and five others were injured in an attack by the Taliban assault on the facility in Shah Wali Kot district of Kandahar.

MoD rejects the influence of Taliban group among the Afghan military forces.

Deputy spokesman of MoD, Muhammad Rad Manish said, “Taliban have their activities but we reject their presence among our defending forces.”

The Shah Wali Koot incident comes four days after 10 Afghan soldiers were killed when Taliban militants stormed another base in the same area.

Now, Afghan people criticize the government that why does it not learn from the same incidents?

Former deputy of Interior Ministry, Mirza Muhammad Yarmand said, “the enemies have many tactics, but we do not meditate on them.”

The Taliban claimed it killed 40 more Afghan security personnel in attacks in Khakrez, Maiwand, Shorabak, and another operation in Shah Wali Koot.

Kandahar is a strategic province for the Taliban, and is considered to be the birthplace of the group. The province borders Baluchistan, the Pakistani province that serves as the group’s safe haven as well as a prime recruitment center. Kandahar is also a key to the production and distribution of opium, a major source of the Taliban’s income.

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