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MOCI Asks Private Sector to Balance It’s Exports With International Standards

(Last Updated On: August 3, 2019)

The Ministry of Industry and Commerce (MOCI) says that the exports with the value of 170 million dollars have taken place to different countries of the world through air corridors. 

According to the officials, the exports include various items including the medical plants, fresh fruits, and carpets which have been exported in 700 flights.

MOCI asks the private sector to balance its exports with international standards.

“We try to promote the level of our exports. Currently, we have exports to India and the countries in eastern and central Asia,” said Sameer Rasa, the Spokesperson to MOCI.

Meanwhile, the economic experts describe activities of the air corridors beneficial to the country; however, they say that the government should make more efforts to equalize the country’s exports to the international standard in order to have the ability to compete in the world market.

“The air corridors are much important in the export of the fresh fruits since there are no facilities for keeping the fresh fruits and we can export them through this way in a short time,” said Abdullah Darmna, an economic expert.

This comes as the experts say that the government should only use the air corridors for exporting not importing.

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