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MoAlS Appoints Dozens Illegally: Documents Explains

(Last Updated On: March 14, 2015)


Recently Ariana News TV station has accessed to some documents indicating that a huge number of the staffs were illegally employed by the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock.

The documents also show that the 12th grade students have been appointed in the position of the professional (bachelor degree) most of the persons who should work on, in most cases they were employed contrary to their positions and field of working.

Parts of the documents coming from the Human resources of Ministry of Agriculture and live stock (HR )unveils that most of those who have been sent to scholarships to abroad are the relatives of the heads of the Ministry who had been introduced by the HR.

Based on the documents accessed about 50 specialized vacancies were given to the relatives of the officials in MoAlS by HR manager of the Ministry.

Human Resource executive manager Sayed Hussien Darwish said,” this issue comes from the red-tapes and mediation cultures existed within the Ministry of Agriculture and live stock most of those working in the positions of the bachelor degrees , are not qualified for such positions, and some of them who have bachelor degrees working contrary to their fields studies.”

The other parts of the documents unveils that those who have gone to Japan through the scholarships on 2011 were permitted illegally because those who deserve to go to Japan by the scholarships at least should have 2 years or working back grounds in Governmental departments.


Head of the distribution of seeds in Ministry of Agriculture and live stock Sayed Sebghatullah Alimi said,” this type of behavior comes from every single persons because they are not qualified within the positions to work on and even when they are appointed in the expert positions they can’t do the proper jobs.”

HR executive Manager in Ministry of Agriculture and livestock sayed Hussien Darwish added that it’s the matter of fraud most of those who have been employed have made fake documents and occupied expert positions within the Ministry in most cases we were even threatened to death by the officials though we have shared the information with the NDS but none has pursued the issues.”

Acting Minister the Agriculture and Live stocks Saleem, Qundozi said,” those who have been sent to scholarships are not contrary to the law if the persons don’t have two years of experience working with the Governmental departments don’t understand English and don’t have proper documents there we will send the alternatives once again those who have been sent to Japan through scholarships aren’t against the law.”

Article 5th paragraph 3th for scholarships indicates that:

Worker at least should have two years of working experience within the belonging Governmental departments (currently).

One of the official letter explains that ,” Honorable Human resources department the following driver named Mukhtar during the distribution of the gifts for the Mps have done a lot to me in my office hope you exempt his absence days,he is the last driver introduced to you all.”

With respects

Zai Ahmad Abdul Rahimzai

To Human resource department of Ministry of Agriculture and Live stocks

Acting Minister Saleem Qonduzi said,” if there is sufficient documentation is available we will pursue the issues.”

An official letter sent by Anti-Corruption Bureaue to the HR Manager Mohammad Yaqob Hotak on 2013 had been summoned because of misusing of his authority part of the context explains that the following issues are under the investigation by the Afghanistan supreme court officials.

Efforts were made to get hold of the HR Manager of the Ministry of Agriculture and live stocks he said,” we are not permitted to do interview and provide more information about the issues cases are under the investigation now.”


Reported by Hameed Sediqee





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