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MoAlS Appoints Dozens Illegally: Documents Explains

Ariana News



(Last Updated On: March 14, 2015)


Recently Ariana News TV station has accessed to some documents indicating that a huge number of the staffs were illegally employed by the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock.

The documents also show that the 12th grade students have been appointed in the position of the professional (bachelor degree) most of the persons who should work on, in most cases they were employed contrary to their positions and field of working.

Parts of the documents coming from the Human resources of Ministry of Agriculture and live stock (HR )unveils that most of those who have been sent to scholarships to abroad are the relatives of the heads of the Ministry who had been introduced by the HR.

Based on the documents accessed about 50 specialized vacancies were given to the relatives of the officials in MoAlS by HR manager of the Ministry.

Human Resource executive manager Sayed Hussien Darwish said,” this issue comes from the red-tapes and mediation cultures existed within the Ministry of Agriculture and live stock most of those working in the positions of the bachelor degrees , are not qualified for such positions, and some of them who have bachelor degrees working contrary to their fields studies.”

The other parts of the documents unveils that those who have gone to Japan through the scholarships on 2011 were permitted illegally because those who deserve to go to Japan by the scholarships at least should have 2 years or working back grounds in Governmental departments.


Head of the distribution of seeds in Ministry of Agriculture and live stock Sayed Sebghatullah Alimi said,” this type of behavior comes from every single persons because they are not qualified within the positions to work on and even when they are appointed in the expert positions they can’t do the proper jobs.”

HR executive Manager in Ministry of Agriculture and livestock sayed Hussien Darwish added that it’s the matter of fraud most of those who have been employed have made fake documents and occupied expert positions within the Ministry in most cases we were even threatened to death by the officials though we have shared the information with the NDS but none has pursued the issues.”

Acting Minister the Agriculture and Live stocks Saleem, Qundozi said,” those who have been sent to scholarships are not contrary to the law if the persons don’t have two years of experience working with the Governmental departments don’t understand English and don’t have proper documents there we will send the alternatives once again those who have been sent to Japan through scholarships aren’t against the law.”

Article 5th paragraph 3th for scholarships indicates that:

Worker at least should have two years of working experience within the belonging Governmental departments (currently).

One of the official letter explains that ,” Honorable Human resources department the following driver named Mukhtar during the distribution of the gifts for the Mps have done a lot to me in my office hope you exempt his absence days,he is the last driver introduced to you all.”

With respects

Zai Ahmad Abdul Rahimzai

To Human resource department of Ministry of Agriculture and Live stocks

Acting Minister Saleem Qonduzi said,” if there is sufficient documentation is available we will pursue the issues.”

An official letter sent by Anti-Corruption Bureaue to the HR Manager Mohammad Yaqob Hotak on 2013 had been summoned because of misusing of his authority part of the context explains that the following issues are under the investigation by the Afghanistan supreme court officials.

Efforts were made to get hold of the HR Manager of the Ministry of Agriculture and live stocks he said,” we are not permitted to do interview and provide more information about the issues cases are under the investigation now.”


Reported by Hameed Sediqee





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Instagram bans ‘conversion therapy’ content as opposition grows

Ariana News



(Last Updated On: July 11, 2020)

Instagram said on Friday it would block content that promotes so-called conversion therapy, which aims to alter a person’s sexual orientation or gender identity, as pressure to ban the practice grows.

The social media giant announced earlier this year it would no longer allow adverts for conversion therapy services, which can range from counseling and ‘praying away the gay’ to electric shocks and sexual violence.

“We don’t allow attacks against people based on sexual orientation or gender identity,” Tara Hopkins, Instagram’s public policy director for Europe, Middle East, and Africa said in an emailed statement.

“(We) are updating our policies to ban the promotion of conversion therapy services.”

A spokesman for Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, said it would take time to update all policies and content flagged by users may not be removed immediately.

The United Nations independent expert on sexual orientation and gender identity called last month for a global ban on conversion therapy, describing it as “cruel, inhumane and degrading”.

A growing number of countries – including the United States, Canada, Chile, and Mexico – are reviewing their laws. Brazil, Ecuador, and Malta have nationwide bans on conversion therapy, while Germany outlawed the treatment for minors in May.

Instagram’s move is “a step in the right direction, but we’d have to wait and see exactly what kind of actions they take,” Harry Hitchens, co-founder of the campaign group Ban Conversion Therapy, told the Thomson Reuters Foundation.

Ban Conversion Therapy sent an open letter yesterday to Britain’s Equalities Minister Liz Truss, urging her “to introduce a truly effective ban on conversion therapy for all lesbian, gay, bi, trans and gender diverse people in the UK”.

Among those who signed the letter were musicians Elton John and Dua Lipa and writer and actor Stephen Fry.

Truss pledged in May to ban conversion therapy for sexual orientation.

In a global survey of 1,641 survivors of conversion therapy published by the United Nations in May, 46% identified the perpetrators as being medical and mental health providers, while 19% were religious authorities and traditional healers.

Bisi Alimi, a Nigerian LGBT+ activist who underwent conversion therapy aged 16, welcomed the ban but said it had been “a long time coming”.

“What is missing for me in all of this conversation is the face of it, the horror of it. And I don’t care how terrible it is, people need to see it and see real human beings sharing their story in public,” he said.


Source: Reuters


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World Bank provides $200 million for Afghanistan to protect people, support businesses amid COVID-19

Ariana News



(Last Updated On: July 10, 2020)

The World Bank Board of Executive Directors on Thursday approved a $200 million grant to help Afghanistan mitigate COVID-19 impacts and provide relief to vulnerable people and businesses.

In a statement released on Thursday, the World Bank said that the Afghanistan COVID-19 Response Development Policy Grant comprises $100 million from the International Development Association (IDA), the World Bank Group’s fund for the poorest countries, and $100 million from the Afghanistan Reconstruction Trust Fund (ARTF), managed by the World Bank on behalf of 34 donors.

The Afghanistan COVID-19 Response Development Policy Grant will support the government of Afghanistan to strengthen policies that promote faster recovery and keep basic infrastructure such as water, electricity, and telecommunications afloat and running, the statement said.

“The program will provide vital fiscal resources to manage the impacts of the pandemic in the context of rapidly slowing economic growth and declining government revenues,” said Henry Kerali, World Bank Country Director for Afghanistan.

“Policy actions supported by the program will both help mitigate the impacts of the current crisis on the poor and vulnerable and also lay critical foundations for longer-term recovery. The World Bank will continue to stand with the people of Afghanistan through this crisis,” Kerali added.

The World Bank said that the COVID-19 pandemic has had significant adverse health, social, and economic impacts in Afghanistan, shrinking the economy and driving down public revenue.

“The grant will support changes in regulations to increase access to finance for small and medium-sized enterprises, protect healthcare workers, and raise awareness on gender-based violence in schools,” it stated.

The organization added that it will also support plans to encourage students to return to school when educational institutions are to reopen after the COVID-19 crisis.

It comes as the number of COVID-19 cases has risen to 33,908 with 957 and 20,847 recoveries in Afghanistan.

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Afghanistan customs revenue lost to ’embezzlement’

Ariana News



(Last Updated On: July 9, 2020)

Although taxpayers pay customs duties at the Afghan customs, not all of the revenue being collected in the Afghan government’s account, local officials said.

The ports of Torkham in Nangarhar, Islam Qala in Herat, Hairatan in Balkh, Aqina in Faryab, Spin Boldak in Kandahar, Shirkhan Bandar in Kunduz, Angur Ada in Paktika and several other ports in the north and south of the country have witnessed widespread corruption.

In these ports, although custom fees are paid by taxpayers, little money is raised in government reserves, most of the ports are said to be in the hands of gunmen and the powerful.

Local officials in the provinces where the ports are located say that corruption in customs has recently peaked.

On the other hand, the Integrity Watch of Afghanistan criticizes the lack of administrative reforms, adding that unreasonable appointments have increased corruption in the country’s customs and that the government has not yet taken any steps to reform the process. According to the head of the institution, the current situation has led to organized corruption in customs.

The Ministry of Finance also promises to bring transparency to the country’s customs.

Finance Ministry spokesman Shamrooz Khan Masjidi said customs revenues are being closely monitored to prevent corruption.

Earlier, the governor of Herat said that Islam Qala’s revenue was being looted by mafia gangs and the warlords. According to economists, this is the case in most of the country’s customs.

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