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‘MOAB’ Reportedly Did Not Target ISIS Cave Complexes

(Last Updated On: April 16, 2017)

CaptureFollowing the Mother of All Bombs ‘MOAB’ dropping on apparently ISIS cave tunnels in Nangarhar province of Afghanistan, some claims that the bombing was an arsenal test.

A team from Ariana News quotes military officials in the scene that MOAB has actually dropped in a remote village named Mommand Dara of ISIS controlled Achin district.

However, the officials told Ariana News that MOAB has actually targeted a number of tunnels being used by ISIS fighters.

Sources has told Ariana News that only in three targeted tunnels an estimated 100 ISIS fighters dead bodies have been found.

The military officials meanwhile confess that U.S. did not target main ISIS sanctuaries; adding that the insurgents’ main strongholds are far away of the attack areas.

“They just tested their missile. The main sanctuaries of ISIS didn’t destroyed,” said a soldier.

Meanwhile Mommand Dara is being controlled by ANSF while signs of the self-proclaimed Islamic state, widely known as ISIS could be seen everywhere.

“They have too many strongholds. They mainly use Masjids and schools as their hidden heavens, but we destroy them as well,” said an Afghan special force officer.

It is completely believed that ISIS has tens of strongholds in Achin district. They are using these centers for recruiting, training and commanding of their forces and most of them are Pakistani nationals.

“We have captured too many of their centers,” a soldier told Ariana News.

No military official has visited the bombing area yet. Often time Afghan and U.S. forces target the fighters via aerial; operations that caused a remarkable number of casualties to ISIS insurgents.

One of the critical missions for security forces in Achin district is to clear the district fully of the ISIS fighters, an area which deems to be center point of IS-K operations.

Reported by: Bais Hayat and Raz Mohammad Rawesh

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