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Mixed Reactions as Daesh Leader Killed in Afghanistan

(Last Updated On: May 8, 2017)

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Afghan defense ministry says killing of Daesh leader in Afghanistan will shock the group and will have a negative impact over the group’s destructive activities in east of the country.

Mohammad Radmanish, deputy spokesperson for the ministry said,” killing of one or several influential persons are important, not only Abdul Hasib, in the fight against Daesh we will act according to our policy in order to ensure security for the people of Afghanistan.”

U.S. military also on Sunday confirmed killing of Sheikh Abdul Hasib, the leader of Daesh in Afghanistan,  in a raid conducted jointly by Afghan special forces and U.S. troops in eastern province of Nangarhar on April 27.

Meanwhile, military commentators say that killing of insurgents leaders has not been proved as effective.

“As you were witnessed on the killing of the Taliban leaders, many leaders of the group was killed but there was no major changes in the group,” Afghan military analyst, Mirza Muhammad Yarmand said.

Ordinary Afghans carefully praised killing of Daesh leader in eastern Nangarhar province, where the group is having a strong presence and is considered as the group’s main hub.

A resident of Jalalabad city said,” we haven’t seen any changes by killing these people, their war and oppression increase day by day.”

Another resident stressed,” the war project in Afghanistan will not end as long as its roots is not targeted.”

Abdul Hasib also known as Hasib Logari took control of the Daesh group in Afghanistan about one year ago when his predecessor Hafiz Saeed Khan was killed by a U.S. drone attack.

Afghan government says he was responsible for ordering the attack on the 400-bed military hospital in Kabul, the attack on the “Enlightenment Movement”, the attack on the American University of Afghanistan and many more which claimed the lives of hundreds.

Reported by Elaha Omari & Edited by Hesamuddin Hesam

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