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Mistreatment of Afghan Ambassador Provokes Strong Reactions

(Last Updated On: November 6, 2019)

The mistreatment of Afghan ambassador to Islamabad, by Pakistan’s Inter-Service Intelligence (ISI), raised strong reactions in Kabul.

Afghanistan Senate, the Upper House of Parliament, called it a clear violation of Afghanistan’s national sovereignty.

“We condemn the action of Pakistan which is in contradiction with diplomatic norms. Spy agencies does not have the right to summon ambassadors or threaten them,” said Fazel Hadi Muslimyar, the Chairman of Senate House.

Fisal Samay, an Afghan senator called it Pakistan’s “shameful act against Afghanistan”.

Referring to the closure of Pakistan’s visa operations in Kabul, Anarkali Honaryar, another Afghan senator, who is representing the Sikh and Hindu communities, said Pakistan must keep ordinary Afghans away from political issues.

“If the Afghan Ambassador is under military pressure in Pakistan, Afghanistan must immediately recall its envoy back home,” said Faramarz Tamanna, former Director General of the Center for Strategic Studies of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

“An ambassador is not allowed to visit non-diplomatic offices without an order from his central government. Both Pakistan and the Afghan ambassador have violated diplomatic norms,” said Nasrullah Stanekzai, a university lecturer.

This comes a day after the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that personnel of Pakistan’s intelligence agency mistreated Atif Mashal, the Afghan Ambassador to Pakistan.

A day earlier, Pakistan closed visa operations at its Embassy in Kabul. Islamabad claimed that its Embassy staff had faced harassment in Kabul.

In response, Kabul said it would seriously investigate Pakistan’s claim of security concerns.

The relations between Afghanistan and Pakistan have long been tense and marred by mistrust.

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