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Mirdad Najrabi Elected as Wolesi Jirga Secretary

(Last Updated On: March 14, 2018)

Mir Dad Khan Nijrabi was elected as secretary of the Wolesi Jirga (Lower House of Parliament) on Wednesday, securing 110 votes in a fifth round of the voting.

Deputy speakers and vice chairmen, secretaries and deputy secretaries of both houses of the National Assembly are elected each year, but heads of the houses are elected once for a legislative term.

On Sunday, Humayun Humayun was elected as First Deputy Speaker and later Amir Khan Yar as Second Deputy Speaker of the house, but candidates for the secretary position weren’t able to earn the needed threshold in several rounds of voting.

Finally, on Wednesday, top-vote getters Abdul Qader Zazai and Mir Dad Najrabi competed for the post, with Najrabi grabbing the secretary position of the house with 110 votes.

“As Secretary [of the Lower House] I will do my responsibilities based on the law and will make efforts to do what is significant in easing challenges in the country,” Najrabi said.

The administrative board election of the house ended after five days.  In the first working session of the new legislative term of the house, issues including peace and security situation were discussed.

 Some Wolesi Jirga members stressed on easing major challenges of the country. “Fundamental issues of the people should be assessed and solved,” MP Abdul Rahim Ayoubi said.

“Parliament should work as a strong national team to preserve people’s rights and solve the challenges our people are facing,” said MP Zahir Qadir.

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