Ministry of Mines Not Capable of Overseeing Big Projects: IWA

(Last Updated On: March 20, 2018)

Integrity Watch Afghanistan (IWA) says the Ministry of Mines and Petroleum faces widespread corruption and that the ministry does not have the capacity of overseeing big projects in the country.

Following the government’s plan to hand over the contracts of big mining projects to American companies, IWA urged President Ashraf Ghani to take transparency in such projects “seriously”.

The head of IWA, Akram Afzali said that the government will face huge losses due to weak management in the mining sector as he believes it will be “unacceptable” for the people.

The IWA also expressed concerns regarding the implementation of mine projects located in insecure areas of the country which according to IWA officials, will rise security cost of mines and potentially lead the projects to failure.

The Ministry of Mines, however, said that the move to handover mining projects to foreign companies is part of the plan to develop Afghanistan’s mining sector.

“We are capable of managing the contracts of big projects and we are currently assessing 14 projects which were being implemented in the past,” said the Spokesman of the ministry, Abdul Qadir Mutfi.

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