Ministry of Finance demands long-term supports of UN

(Last Updated On: April 4, 2016)


Minister of Finance  Iklil Hakimi in joint coordination and monitoring board has demanded the long-term commitments and supports of United Nations for Afghanistan.

Mr. Hakimi has declared the economic supports of United Nations for Afghanistan is vital and important.

“our demands has two section first the aids which Afghanistan receives should not be short term, second it should be for five up coming years Minister of Finance in joint coordination and monitoring board said,”

United Nation special envoy for Afghanistan Nicholas Haysom said,” Today’s session paves the way for Warsa, Brussels summits, will understand the values of the current session when the Afghanistan leaders demand the United Nations long term commitments and supports, the importance of the summit for Afghanistan is to obtain pledges of United Nations and International community in Warsa, Brussels.”

United Nations aids will supports Afghans and save them from going into deepening poverty.

The recent survey which was launched indicated that the majority of Afghans aren’t satisfied with the Government performances and foresee no good future for them.

Reported by Nabila Hafizi

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