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Ministers will be dismissed, if couldn’t spend 80 percent of budgets: Ghani

(Last Updated On: July 20, 2016)


President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani has told to Afghanistan law makers that if the Ministers couldn’t consume 80 percent of its development budgets, they should be summoned and even dismissed from their duties.

President Ashraf Ghani during his visit with the members of the parliament on Wednesday night, demanding the representatives of the house to summon those Ministers who are incapable of spending their 80 percent of development budget, in case of no reasonable statement they should be dismissed.

Head of the financial and budgeting committee in the lower house of the Parliament Amir Khan Yar said,” During the visit President of Afghanistan Mohammad Ashraf Ghani has asked the members of the house to summon those Ministers who couldn’t spend their 80 percent of development budgets, or even disqualified them.”

Meanwhile lawmakers in the house have discussed the midyear budget, where most of them have criticized the following allocated budget.

Mp Gulpadsha Majidy said,” The destination of those projects which have been taken out of the budget should be declared, who have done it,?”

Member of the financial and budgeting committee of the house Sediq Usmani said,” in total 445,5 billion Afghani the National budget has been allocated for the entire country.”

At the end of the session members of the house have approved the 455,5 billion Afghani which organizes both common and development budgets was approved for the midyear.

Reported by Rafi Sediqee

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