Minister’s Nominees to be Introduced Soon to Lower House: Ghani

(Last Updated On: March 7, 2015)


President Ghani has said,” that after the internal Election for picking up the new administrative delegates inside the house of the parliament we will send the list of the Ministers to the members to cast their confidence votes for them.”

Currently 17 Ministries of the National Unity Government is being led by the acting Ministers.

Members at the lower house of the parliament have insisted once again that they will not vote for dual-citizenships Ministers.

Afghan law maker in the house Ghulam Farooq Majroh insisted that any delays on introducing of the Ministers by the National Unity Government will cut the popularity of the President Ghani in the National and International level.

Closing Kabul Bank corrupted case,establishing of Electoral Committee, reformation of the judicial and justice system,distribution Electronic National Identification Card are the major commitments of the National Unity Government,yet to see the following commitments to be fulfilled,Afghans believed that both Afghan National Unity Government leaders have failed to do so.

Reported By Fawad Nasiri

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