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Ministers Failed to Consume Development Budget

(Last Updated On: August 7, 2016)


Documents obtained by Ariana News indicates that a number of Ministries have failed to consume even 20 percent of their development budgets during 8 months.

The documents listed Ministry of commerce and industry, Border and tribal, repatriation and refuges couldn’t spend the 20 percent of their budget since 8 months passed, but it also introduced the Ministry of Rural and Rehabilitation and Development, Ministry of Women Affairs, and Ministry of Urban and housing are the departments who have spent most their development budgets during 8 months of the year.

Ministries who have failed to spend their 20 percent of their development budget are listed as below:

1-      Ministry of Repatriation and Refugee 5 percent

2-      Ministry of Tribal and border     6 percent

3-      Ministry of commerce and industry 7 percent.

4-      Ministry of Culture and information 7 percent.

5-      Ministry of Technology and communication 10 percent.

6-      Ministry of Justice 11 percent.

7-      Ministry of Mines and petroleum 12 percent.

8-      Ministry of counter Narcotic 13 percent.

9-      Ministry of Education 16 percent.

10 – All 3 security departments 25 percent

11 – Ministry of Economy 16 percent.

12- Ministry of public interest 16 percent.

13- Ministry of Transportation and aviation 16 percent.

14- Ministry of Energy and Water 18 percent.

15- Ministry of Higher Education 18 percent.

16- Ministry of Foreign Affairs 18 percent.

17 – Ministry Finance 19 percent.

18 – Ministry of Haji and religious 20 percent.

19 – Ministry of labor social affairs 20 percent.

 20 – Ministry of Public Health 28 percent.

Among the above mentioned Ministries the below departments have spent the development budgets more than others.

1-      Ministry of Women Affairs 56 percent.

2-      Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and development 50 percent.

3-      Ministry of Urban development and housing 47 percent.

4-      Ministry of Agriculture and livestock 40 percent.

According to the documents the other Governmental departments have spent their development budget from 7 percent up to 30 percent.

President Deputy Spokesman DawaKhan Menapal said,” based on the President order  the evaluation process to find the barriers is underway in all the Ministries of the Government, the following process has been accomplished in some Ministries, by resolving the obstacles the budget will be spend on its determined date and time.”

Professor Sayed Masoud said,” this is a political movement along the exaggeration, the development budget should be spent on its specific time otherwise the donors will take back their money and would say they couldn’t spend it.”

Meanwhile officials in Ministry of Finance have expressed their views on development budget as below.

Ministry of Finance Spokesman Ajmal Abdul Rahimzai said,” We will update our system by tomorrow which will indicate the status of the common and development budget.”

Earlier President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani had warned that if the Ministers couldn’t spend their 80 percent of development budget he/she will be dismissed, we will wait for the conclusion.

Reported by Nabila Hafizi

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