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Minister Usmani Faces Travel Ban at Kabul Airport

(Last Updated On: May 24, 2018)

The Presidential Palace (ARG) has apparently ordered travel ban against Minister of Energy and Water Ali Ahmad Usmani from leaving Kabul.

Based on Ariana News findings, ARG’s travel ban-order against Usmani came after the Minister was about to leave Kabul for inauguration of power stab-station in Khulm district  of northern Balkh province.

The findings indicate that the sub-station was expected to be inaugurated by President Ashraf Ghani on Saturday (May 26), however,  Minister of Energy and Water wanted to take that initiative before the set date,  on Wednesday (May 23).

Prior to the incident, Minister Usmani was told to be part of the team that included the president for inauguration of the sub-station, but  he was apparently opposed to the decision.

“Yesterday (May 23), I wanted to travel to Herat. They [police] prevented Ali Ahmad Usmani Minister of Energy of Water of traveling [at Kabul airport],” said Farhad Majidi, a representative from Herat in parliament.  

Criticizing the apparent move being taken by ARG, Ahmad Sayedi, a political commentator that the president should be “ashamed” of declaring travel ban against his ministers.

This comes as earlier, Minister Usmani has said that ARG had barred him of attending the inauguration ceremony of TAPI project in Herat province.

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