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Minister of Culture and Information Abdul Bari Jahani Resigns

(Last Updated On: November 7, 2016)

5Minister of Culture and information of Afghanistan, Abdul Bari Jahani has resigned from his position.

He in his Facebook account has thanked the President’s trust, but declared that his illness undermines his capabilities to continue to work.

Further he has mentioned that his resignation was presented to President of Afghanistan 3 days ago.

Abdul Bari Jahani completed his primary, secondary and high school in Mirwais Nika high school of Kandahar city a well -known public school in the south. Kandahar University was not yet built when Jahani finished his high school.

Upon completing his high school at Mirwais Nika, Jahani only had two options for his higher education. He could either move to Kabul to study what he wanted to study which was history and literature or move to Nangarhar province home to the second Afghan university at the time in the country.

He chose the former one because unlike Kabul University where students had the option to pursue various majors, Nangarhar University only offered education in the field of medicine.

Abdul Bari Jahani graduated from Kabul University in 1972 with a BA in Pashto literature and history.

Mr. Jahani has just been given parliamentary vote of approval to serve as a minister in the cabinet of Afghan unity government 2015 for the ministry of information and culture.

No reliable official sources have yet to confirm his resignation.


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